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The Academic Conference hosts students and faculty at all levels of higher education. Participants include undergraduate students from both community colleges and four-year institutions, graduate students, advisors, faculty, and administrators. Participants gain valuable resources and networking opportunities. They discover best-practices, find career opportunities, discover funding resources, and learn both the opportunities and challenges Hispanics face while earning STEM degrees and entering the STEM workforce.

The Academic Conference is composed of five unique tracks tailored to address the particular needs of its respective audience as well as highlight innovative teaching and learning.

Conference Highlights


The Advisor Track is intended to help chapter advisors understand the expectations of the role as well as the resources available to be the best advisor you can be. Attendees will discover the value they bring to the SHPE Familia and how the contributions to their institution can be leveraged as they pursue their professional development. Learn how social capital gives agency to the advisor, students, and institution to gain success as SHPE members and be the best advocate for students. Bolster student self-esteem, academic retention, graduation, and gain the university administration’s support for SHPE and other Hispanic student serving organizations by publicly recognizing the contributions SHPE members make to their communities.

Each session provides opportunities for collaboration across institutions, sharing ideas for valuation of advisor engagement, and motivational strategies to increase and develop advisor participation at the local, regional, and national levels.

Schedule Overview
  • Meet & Greet session on Thursday evening
  • Two workshops on Friday
  • Two workshops on Saturday
  • Group lunch on Saturday
  • Access to the Chapter Advisor Lounge for duration of the convention

This early morning workshop will refresh the chapter advisor role expectations and tie into your professional growth. As a faculty member serving your STEM community, being a chapter advisor is a part of your professional role, we want you to gain the tools necessary to be successful in promoting your own growth by engaging with Deans and administration as you support your SHPE chapter students.

The focus of this presentation is to define “social capital” and identify the current and future resources that systematically capture “social capital.” This workshop will enhance the participant’s perspective on their “value proposition” in order to provide students needed services for their college success.

SHPE student chapter advisors mentor, sponsor, and advocate for students’ best interest so that rising engineers have the opportunities to rise to the top of their fields and shine. Join us for a conversation about what you can do to improve the lives of your students, retain them through graduation, and send them off on a career that will impact the world.

Recognizing the talent, dedication, hard work, and contributions by an individual or group is practiced so that our community can continue to rise and become the leaders of tomorrow. Join the conversation and be better aware of the recognition you can bestow on your SHPE student members for the contributions they make to their universities and surrounding communities. Raising awareness of the contributions SHPE students bolsters self-esteem, academic retention, graduation, and ultimately the university administration’s support for SHPE and other Hispanic student serving organizations.

Goals for the Advisor Track include:
  • Sharing the collective advisors’ national pulse to build a community of support
  • Continue conversations with the SHPE Board and institutions across the country to improve advisor-stakeholder interaction
  • Highlight the value that advisors bring to their institutions for increased recognition and resources
  • Develop the skills needed to mentor and lead student organizations
  • Discuss topics that advance the career development goals and career paths of faculty and staff advisors

The exchange of ideas during this important track promotes the value that each advisor brings to the table, which is reflected in the positive outcomes of their student body and increases in Hispanic engineering students’ success rates.

Community College

SHPE recognizes that community college student needs are unique. Participants in this track are provided with resources specific to community college participants through educational sessions and networking.

All sessions help prepare community college students to function in today’s transformation driven culture while getting them focused upon expanding their personal network and be able to find their line and stick to it.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Improve your Roadmap and
  • Strengthen Motivation to Transfer to University

This year builds upon the previous year’s sessions related to Networking and Building a Roadmap. 


Find Your Line and Stick to It – Improve Your Roadmap – Sponsored by University of Michigan School of Information.

In this session students will refine [or create] their personal roadmap to follow.  A panel of young professionals and university mentors will lead this session.

Find Your Line and Stick to It – Get Fired Up – Motivation

In this session students examine motivation.  What is motivation?  How do you obtain motivation?  How do you maintain or regain motivation?  Where does motivation fit in to your roadmap to success?


The Graduate Track invites attendees at undergraduate and graduate student levels as well as working professionals interested in pursuing an advanced degree. Alongside our academic and industry sponsors, we aim to increase awareness for graduate education and subsequent careers available.

Participants interested in a graduate degree can identify graduate degree programs and opportunities for successful placement, as well as establish networking relationships with colleagues and graduate program representatives.

Graduate student participants learn to develop relationships with academic and industry professionals as well as identify and plan for postgraduate career opportunities through workshops and access to the Advanced Degree Hospitality Suite.

Wednesday, November 2
Meet graduate students from across the country in the first ever graduate welcome at the 2022 SHPE National Convention! Refreshments will be provided, prizes will be raffled, and you will have the opportunity to network with current, prospective, and past graduate students.

Thursday, November 3 | 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
The Advanced Degree Hospitality Suite features exclusive access to academic institutions looking for potential graduate students for both master’s and doctoral programs, as well as academic, industry, and national laboratories interested in hiring students in graduate programs for internships, full-time and postdoctoral positions.

Friday, November 4 | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
The Graduate Review Writing Room offers critical support in developing graduate school and career materials with one-one-one feedback from faculty, postdocs, and current graduate students.  Sign up sheet coming soon!

Sponsored by Exponent
We are once again hosting a 3-minute thesis competition! Come showcase your research efforts, while enhancing your communication skills. This is a great opportunity to connect with our industry, government, and academic partners who are offering employment opportunities.

Participants will submit their presentations online three weeks prior to convention. Our judges will rank the presentations, and the finalists will give their presentation in person during our Advanced Degrees Hospitality Suite.

Win Cash Prizes!
Winner $1000
Runner-Up $750

There will be 2 winners and 2 runner-ups awarded.

Deadline: October 7, 2022

NOTE: You must be registered for the 2022 SHPE National Convention to compete.

Apply Now! >

Please check out the Engineering Science Symposium for an additional opportunity to present your research and compete for prizes.


Promoting an inclusive environment that recognizes intersectional identities, the Inclusion Track encourages individual authenticity, and fosters allyship and connection among individuals. We accomplish this by sharing knowledge to foster the intentional inclusion of everyone, by infusing the principles of inclusion to build trust, instill psychological safety, and invite authenticity, and by offering opportunities for people with shared dimensions of identity to build lasting bonds.

This track enhances attendees’ toolbox of skills by improving their understanding of the challenges faced by various communities present within the SHPE Familia (such as Afro-Latin, First Gen Students and Professionals, Individuals with Disabilities, LatinAsian, LGBTQ, Veterans, and Women) and offering actionable ways to be more inclusive with every action.

Through the various sessions featuring thought leaders in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) space, we’ll show you how this is as easy as A-B-C – Awareness, Belonging, and Connection!


The Undergraduate Track provides participants with diverse learning experiences to support them successfully transitioning into the STEM workforce. This track will incorporate all three pillars of the LeaderSHPE Model: Community, Organizational, and Personal Leadership. Session topics focus on leadership, technical skills, business acumen, and diversity and inclusion. These topics provide a solid foundation for launching their careers.

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