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The SHPETech Conference is designed to shine a spotlight on cutting edge STEM technology, and how SHPE members utilize technology for maximum impact. Technology is continuously and rapidly evolving both in start-ups and established industries. Markets are changing and engineering tools are constantly advancing. This conference offers Tech Talks, Cybersecurity Challenge, Design Challenge, Engineering Science Symposium, and the Extreme Engineering competition.

Experts will share new ideas, network, and spark dynamic discussions that invite convention attendees to be a part of the international conversation on the latest and greatest technology. And speakers will address the most important challenges facing our communities and workplaces.


Accept the challenge.

Our competitions provide opportunities for attendees to hone and test their STEM skills, as well as be recognized for their accomplishments through cash prizes and bragging rights. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Prove your skills in one of tech’s leading industries.
Test your skills in this 24-hour extreme team competition.
Showcase your research to audience of Hispanics in STEM.
Challenges students to develop an idea about auto safety.
Showcase your research efforts and your communication skills.

Tech Talks

Schedule coming soon!

Are you a professional looking to make a career move, or simply want to take the next step in your career journey? Then this session is for you! Join us as a career coach highlights the best strategies to align both your personal and professional goals towards success. The session will be followed by a group coaching engagement and opportunities for potential one-on-one coaching sessions. Speaker: Gina Covarrubias, Career Coach and Engineer, Deliberate Doing LLC

Networking is something we should be engaging in constantly. Whether it’s staying in touch with old colleagues and bosses or going out of your way to meet new people and companies, networking may require getting out of our comfort zones. Learn new and fun ways of breaking the ice, making meaningful connections, and leaving a lasting impression so you can build and maintain your professional network.

At nearly every point of our career we catch ourselves thinking: “What’s next?” Discussing with and leaning on our community is both healthy and beneficial to all parties. Join SHPEtinas and Professionals in STEM as we discuss the importance of community in the workplace, and the impact coaches, sponsors, and mentors can have over the course of your career.

Employee Networking Groups are an excellent way to become involved in Leadership within your company, gain visibility, and advance your career. Learn about what other ERG leaders are doing successfully, what have been their biggest challenges, and how they’ve overcome obstacles along the way to avoid crashing in “The Big One.”

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