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Extreme Engineering Challenge



The 2022 Extreme Engineering Challenge takes place at the SHPE 2022 National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. This year we are taking the challenge to a new level and providing the competition topics early to allow you to research and help you prepare for the competition so you have an opportunity to stand out.

YES, you heard right. It is the first time ever in the last 17 years of this competition that you will know the topic of the competition before arriving at the convention. Remember that the first part of the competition is to MAKE THE CUT. Signing up now gets you an opportunity to take part in our QUICKXCHANGE interviews with up to 10 top engineering companies who are looking for the best of the best to join them.


  • Over 400 aspiring SHPE student engineers sign-up as candidates for XEC for a chance to show their skills and talents to up to ten top engineering companies.
  • After meeting with representatives from each company during the QUICKXCHANGE interviews, candidates get an opportunity to convince these representatives that they have what it takes to be among the select top 100 candidates to participate in XEC.
  • These company representatives help draft the top 100 candidates and form up to 10 teams made up of students from across the nation to compete against each other during a 24-hour engineering challenge.
  • The challenge consists of DESIGNING, DEVELOPING, and PROMOTING a product or solution (details provided to the 100 drafted engineers) that meets the year’s objective.
  • The competition has a set of milestones where teams accumulate points, and it culminates at a head-to-head battle utilizing the actual product that was designed and built by the team. The team needs to accumulate enough points throughout the competition and successfully promote the product at the final presentation to win the team competition.
  • XEC awards the Extreme Team of 10 that scores the highest, 4 Extreme Lead Engineers that used their skills and talents to help accomplish the team objectives, and we crown one TOP EXTREME Engineer that stands out among the selected elite group of participants.


  • Compete for scholarship awards provided to our winners – $1000 awarded to each TEAM ENGINEER member of the Winning Team, $1500 awarded to each LEAD ENGINEER, and $2500 awarded to the EXTREME ENGINEER
  • Be visible to the top sponsoring engineering companies who will be spending up to 24 hours with you and
    getting to know you personally and the type of work and talent you can provide
  • Show off your engineering skills and experience the lifecycle of a product in a high intensity environment
  • Put your leadership, engineering, and innovation skills to the test and see how you do among the best
  • Learn from other students and professionals on how to approach a project, troubleshoot issues, deal with
    controversy, work on a team, bring your ideas to life
  • Be a part of a long-standing tradition at SHPE – be an EXTREME ENGINEER participant!


  • It all starts on WEDNESDAY, November 2, 2022 at NOON (12:00PM) with REGISTRATION and QUICK INTERVIEWS – you can arrive, register for the SHPE conference and go straight to the EXTREME ENGINEERING (XEC) Quick Interview Session. Make sure to check in at the XEC booth, one located near main registration and outside of the Quick Interview Session. Need to get there early and be interviewed by 6:00PM.
  • Teams will be drafted by our sponsoring companies on WEDNESDAY at 6:00PM – if you do not arrive before 6 PM, you will not be able to be considered for the competition.
  • Team announcements will be made on WEDNESDAY at 7:00PM and the CHALLENGE will be distributed to the selected team members and the FUN begins!
  • Members selected will be participating in the Extreme Engineering Challenge from 7:00PM on Wednesday, November 2 to 7:00PM Thursday, November 3.
  • Award winners are scheduled to be announced on Friday at the opening of the Career Fair.


  • Must be registered for the 2022 SHPE National Convention
  • Must be a student enrolled in an bachelor or graduate degree

To sign up, select Extreme Engineering during registration >
NOTE: Once you register and sign up, you will receive an email with instructions.


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