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Top corporate and government partners are looking to SHPE for talented STEM graduates! The majority of companies are pre-screening candidates through our portal and scheduling interviews that take place during the convention. All before you are even onsite.

Our partners are looking for all levels of experience.

Upload your resume to the SHPE Career Center by October 21 and be sure to check the box indicating that you are attending National Convention.

Instructions on how to upload your resume >

Having your resume uploaded by October 21 ensures that it makes it into the hands of the hiring organizations in advance of the Career Fair.

Bring hard copies!

It is always handy to have extra copies on hand, since you never know who you will meet at the convention! We also offer a Resume Review service as part of your convention registration. This is an opportunity to meet with a professional/representative to get your resume critiqued or print out extra copies of your resume. We will also have resume print stations available in the Career Fair and around registration for any last minute needs.

Career Fair & Graduate School Expo Entry Info

This year’s Career Fair & Graduate School Expo will be held on Friday & Saturday. As part of our safety protocols and line management updates, Career Fair access has been redesigned. Each day a portion of the student participants will receive early access to the Career Fair from 10am-12pm before the Career Fair opens for general access from 12-4pm.

During the onsite check-in process, the registration staff will provide student participants with a color-coded badge holder. The color of the badge holder will indicate whether you will receive early access to the Career Fair on Friday or Saturday.

On the day when a student doesn’t have early access to the Career Fair, he or she may attend conference workshops. The Career Fair will be open to ALL attendees from 12-4pm on Friday and saturday. Onsite signage will indicate the line up time schedules.

Professionals and graduate students may access the Career Fair at any time when it’s open.

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